The American Civil War

Composed of 54 digital reproductions of negatives and prints of the time, "Yankees against Rebs" tells, through the images of the battlefields and political and military protagonists, the bloody conflict that contrasted the North and South of the United States 150 years ago in the name of the end of slavery and two irreconcilable visions of the future of America and the world. The photos, from the archives of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and Library of Congress of the United States, belong largely to the Matthew B. Brady Collection.

Authors of the images of the collection are some of the most important photographers in the history of American reportage photography - Mathew B. Brady, Alexander Gardner, Timothy O'Sullivan, etc. To this main group of images are added those realized by minor or unknown authors, by some photographers enlisted among the ranks of the different bodies of army engineers and those arrived at the War Department in the form of donations from private citizens. The only exception is a splendid hand-painted daguerreotype of the abolitionist John Brown, made by the African-American (son of a former freed slave) Augustus Washington (1820/21 - 1875) and kept instead at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington.


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