Alessandro Luigi Perna is a journalist, a blogger, a consultant, a curator in the field of photography and publishing. As a journalist, after collaborating with various national newspapers, he currently writes about photography with the magazine Il Fotografo - Sprea Editore. As a blogger he has realized  editorials about foreign politics for the Italian version of the international online newspaper Huffington Post. As a consultant in communication and as a curator, he deals with designing and developing artistic, cultural and communication projects with photography, both historical and contemporary, both in the exhibition and editorial fields. He is also specialized in the enhancement and promotion of archives of photographers, agencies, publishing houses, museums, companies. In curriculum he has some photographic volumes and dozens of exhibitions realized both in Italy and abroad, both with public and private bodies. For some years now, with the History & Photography project, created in partnership with Eff&Ci – Facciamo Cose, he tells the history of the contemporary world with photography to both the general public and students.

During his professional career he was co-creator and co-curator of the first three editions of Memorandum - Festival of Historical Photography of Turin and Biella, co-curator of the photographic section of the Urbana Festival in Biella and creator, curator and co-producer of All you need is photography! Unlimited Edition Photo Festival of Milan. He has curated exhibitions at the Triennale, Stelline Foundation of Milan, Casa dei Tre Oci of Venice, Museum of Contemporary Art of Lucca, Museum of Sciences of Turin, etc. He has realized exhibitions with the photographic archives of Fiat, Alenia, Pirelli, Olivetti,  Industrial Union of Turin, L'Europeo - RCS, Touring Club, Italian Geographical Society, Turin Risorgimento Museum, Civic Museums of Pavia, University of Turin - Museum of the Faculty of Anthropology, Coverciano Football Museum, etc. And with numerous international public and private archives including, among others, those of the Museums of London, the US National Archives, the Library of Congress, the US Navy, the US Marine Corp, the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte of Madrid .

EFF&CI - Facciamo Cose (We Do Things)

EFF&CI – FACCIAMO COSE provides services to those who work in the culture and in the social sector as public bodies and associations and offers artists support for their needs up to the design, care, preparation, display and promotion of their exhibitions. During these years it has organized several exhibition initiatives at "la Casa di Vetro" of Milan - personal and collective, photographic, painting and sculpture ones, by Italian and foreign artists. As part of the History & Photography project, it has produced numerous exhibitions of historical photography.

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