"One of the most beautiful and fascinating exhibitions I have ever seen. The childhood world of the time is truly poignant. Truly formidable photos and captions!!! Thanks to you for making them available"

"Beautiful photographic images that speak to the soul by themselves. The captions accompanying the visitor on the path that, thanks to them, deepens and completes the work are fundamental. Exciting, thank you!"

"A dip to the heart and a strong emotion, everything in this exhibition illuminates the heart, the mind and not only the eyes; the beauty and intensity of the chosen photos is UNIQUE, the beautiful comments by Perna without which one could not delve into an era so far from current. Our children should absolutely see it!"


"The exhibition is touching and the artist proves to be among the greatest in photography"


"Thanks for these strong and very empathetic images that tell us about a different America than the collective imagination and the glossy and iconic vision of the 'American dream'. You have allowed us to know a forgotten or neglected page of history"


"A beautiful exhibition, wonderful and touching photos. Thanks and goodbye" 

"Moving and beautiful. Many citizens and politicians should shout about it, shouting at those who come to us running away from hunger"

"Thanks for the availability and professionalism. The use of images for the teaching of history is very interesting"

"I wondered how these children grew up without the lightness of childhood, but then the photo 46 reminds me how much energy and vitality there is in these little creatures. Thanks for this beautiful space and for the commitment to propose images that it is good not to forget"

"Simply wonderful!"

"When the photo goes beyond the image it goes straight to the heart. Thanks for the nice show"

"The history of history. I would have been here a few more hours"

 "It reminds me of my childhood, all this makes me (still) sad. I am moved. Thanks"

"Beautiful and touching. Unfortunately history repeats itself, the 'invasion' of Italy by foreigners (as someone wants to believe) and child labor in another land. As if time had stopped yesterday. When will everything change? Maybe memory can help us. Like these photos. Thanks"

"Very interesting and touching!"

"History must be told as it was done in this exhibition"

"An intense journey and a cross-section of life of the juvenile condition of the United States of the '900 that touches the memory and is humanly sensorial, committed and to remember"

"Excellent welcome by the curator and viewing of the photos really exciting. Even if you know the living conditions of the time, see them explained in pictures and really a blow to the heart; double, given the age of the children involved"

"Interesting exhibition. Pleasant reception"

"The dawn of the 'Social Reportage'. A photographer among my favorites that I knew and that you made me KNOW! Once more EXTRAORDINARY! These great exhibitions are only seen by you. Thanks!"

"an EXHIBITION that makes THRILLS come! I discover you today, with guilty delay and immense pleasure. BRAVI!"

"A small exhibition, a great emotion, a small room, a large exhibition, to be seen with the eyes, to be understood with the head, to make the heart cry. Simple, straight, without many frills"

"Very, very interesting ... to be spread, the exhibition and the space. Thanks!"

"Narratives like this are very important, today more than ever. Thanks for having opened such a precious path. Long live your project"

"High quality social photography. Still indispensable to tell the world today"

"A necessary exhibition, in a period in which the historical memory and the idea of community are failing. Congratulations!"

"Poignant! Only the photos can stop the moment and give voice and visibility to the soul. All really beautiful. Thanks to all of you"

"As per tradition, the exhibitions taking place in this place are very beautiful and interesting. This on Hine, a photographer I know and love, is beautiful and well exposed"

"Gorgeous exhibition! The most beautiful I have visited in recent years"

"It is an exhibition that makes us reflect on the luck we have in being girls and boys today"

"History comes up again, in different areas and environments. Unfortunately. Memory is also needed for this. Thanks"

"Thank you! Important exhibition to know and remember part of our often forgotten history"

"Interesting photo exhibition with excellent documentation"

"Beautiful and moving. One cannot help but think that, after more than a century, there are people who are still living in similar conditions. Too little it is said about it ..."

"Last day ... I did not miss this splendid but dramatic cross-section that also affects our history and our immigrants. Hine had done a very dangerous job, it helped to change the regulations on child labor a lot. A cross section that risked to be forgotten but that thanks to “la Casa di Vetro” still lives. Beautiful emotion, thank you!!"

"I came back to admire it for the second time, even though I was out of time! It produced in me a great passion for that historical period and for this great photographer of 'human landscapes'


"Very Beautiful initiative. See you next time!"


"Very interesting, all set up and built with great attention. Very beautiful. Thank you"


"I didn't know you but I think we'll see each other again"


"I am very favorably impressed. Beautiful documentation. I am moved"


"I am convinced that photography is what, by now, oil on canvas can no longer express. But now, now I really understand it. Thank you very much, à bientôt"


"Thanks, it's a stimulus to reflection thanks to the power of the undoubted beauty of every shot!"


"Show very interesting and sobering. Thank you"


"Thank you for having hosted us, enlightened and supported. See you next exhibition"


"Photography is history. Congratulations"


Photography moves and surprises so much in this exhibition. Bravo! W UN"


"Simply spectacular! Full of intensity. See you next exhibirion and thanks. PS: congratulations Alessandro!"


"Thanks to the author and the curator for this beautiful new show!"


"An overview of the last 70 years of world history ... Effective and very accurate as usual"


"The curator's suggestions are very interesting and valuable. Thank you"


"Beautiful show. Very interesting. Well done!"


"Interesting Exhibition and full of food for thought, especially in moments like the ones we are experiencing"


"Show very beautiful and important to have a more complete vision of the world"


"Beautiful exhibition and very cordial the curator!"


"An exhibitions as beautiful as all the previous ones. Fantastic images full of the dramas of history. Of the facts of history. An exhibition that only you could do. Well done !!"


"It is not just a photographic exhibition, it is an immersion in the History of Humanity. It is a cultural and emotional enrichment. All should  see it"


"Photos full of meaning, wisely detailed in the brochure received at arrival. The warm welcome with a pleasant explanation on the" making of " of the exhibition is very appreciated. Thanks!"


"Almost by chance in Milan ... I go home richer"


"There are photographs capable of representing the barbarism of the earth more than a thousand words, there are such expressive faces that alone show a piece of history. Congratulations on the exhibition, the selection, the idea, congratulations on your work!"


"How much history ... how many dramas ... how many pains ... and how much hope! Thank you!"


"Images that remain in the heart and in the mind"


"Beautiful moving and painful photos for future memory"


"It was very nice. Good job"


"Really interesting and nice explaination"


"A really touching and accurate exhibition"


"Congratulations! Refined and touching Show!"


"Congratulations: significant photos and exhaustive additions"


"Essential themes and touching photographs! Thank you for having presented and treated with sensitivity"


"Really interesting Show"


"There are facts, pieces of history that can exist only because there is a photograph that tells them. Thanks for your stories"


"An exciting journey through the past years but on themes that are always current, accompanied by images that arrive and remain «inside»"...


"Beautiful exhibition to run in schools"


"Impressive and effective"


"Thanks, also for the effective, concise and enriching comment"


"Thank you for the activity you do. We need it"


"Simply WONDERFUL!!! It makes one think that wars and deaths never stop all over the world for the most sinister interests. An organization like the UN is fundamental. THANK YOU FOR THIS EXHIBITION ..."




"Very interesting, poignant, disturbing. It imposes profound reflections and unfortunately unanswered questions. Why ...? But who is the man?"


"A few photos that can cover and enter the last 70 years of our history. And to remind us how many conflicts there have been in recent decades that we superficially call peace"


"Photos of the human madness in images"


"Beautiful exhibition, full of fundamental references of the last century, which we young people do well to remember. Congratulations"


"I was waiting for the school to close to run here with you ... I'll be back with my boys. Thanks for the job you do"


"If I taught history of international organizations I would set my program as you thought the exhibition: history through images (more or less disturbing ones). Thanks for the service and for having «covered» many parts / states / peoples of the world". «The U.N. was not created to take man kind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell». Good work to you and to us!"


"An extraordinary collection of testimonials. It would be nice to be able to review them after the exhibition closes on your website. Thank you"


"Very beautiful Show and the choice of photos is perfect. Thank you"


"All very nice!"


"I'm 14, I've seen everything that was before my birth"


"Thanks to this exhibition I will now be able to write my thesis better. Thanks from Pordenone!"


"I am 14 years old and I come out of this exhibition aware of how much it was (and how much it is still) necessary to work to build a better world!"


"Very interesting show and very well curated"


"As long as there is someone who wants to do exhibitions like this, there is still hope! Happy April 25th, by the way!"


"The exhibition is really complete and very interesting. Too bad that those who need to remember the past will not come. Thanks anyway"


"Today, more than ever, we need to remember, see these exciting photographs and learn from our past to build a better future. THANK YOU BY HEART!"


"a vote of thirty and praise for the welcome! Fantastic show! Bye!"


"Beautiful Photos"


"Very interesting! Thank you"


"Today more than ever we need to look back ... and thanks to this exhibition it is possible"


"An exhibition to understand the history of yesterday, the one that at school they do not teach, that on TV tell little and that so many people do not want to listen ... Today more than ever these images and the stories they tell us we need. Thanks!"


"To review the past to understand the present and to continue to strive for a better future for all ..."


"A very interesting historical excursus through the immediacy of images"


"History repeats itself and you never learn from mistakes. Beautiful and welcoming space, thanks"


"Interesting reconstruction of the events, a history of mistakes to learn from ... Beautiful photographs and excellent reception. Thank you very much!"


"Beautiful reportage from the Second World War until today. Nice storytelling and suggestive photographs!"


"Experiencing the history of denied rights through these shots and looks full of conflicting feelings was impressive. To relive it by comparing it with the present is terrifying. A combination of reasoning and soul that displaces. Thank you"


"Beautiful, interesting and never predictable! Thanks, really, for this new «small» feat"


"Thank you for this interesting journey into the 1900"


"Interesting and touching, to learn and / or not forget"


"Beautiful and complete, informative and a wonderful welcome!"


"Beautiful! A lot!"


"Retracing history through photography and informing about what the UN have done and is doing is really fundamental, especially today when some of our most important (and despicable) politicians talk about cutting funding and attack a fundamental institution (even if, unfortunately, little known in its tasks, roles, results). Thanks"




"UAU, an exhibition that makes you think. Really. Congratulations"


"So many foods for thought. Beautiful!"


"The history of man that repeats itself cyclically and never teaches enough ... unfortunately. Beautiful, THANK YOU!"




"Interesting, as always"




"Touching, very beautiful"


"Congratulations, we need to reflect"


"Very well done! Thank you"

"To never forget!"


"It excited me"


"Fragments of horror that, we hope, will never come back. An amazing exhibition that opens the eyes and makes the heart explode"


"A very beautiful initiative. Congratulations"


"A very interesting exhibition that made me think a lot about the subject. It is a really terrible thing what happened in the United States only a few years ago. These photographs are very emotional and make you understand a lot of things"


"Congratulations ... also for the accompanying brochure of the 60 photos (we would like more exhibitions provided of brochures like those): it makes you remember/know forgotten and/or unknown  facts"


"A very interesting exhibition, precise and consistent choice of photos. Congratulations"


"Beautiful photographs and thanks for the detailed captions that open memories and memory"


"Thank you for having recalled through the photographic tale this parte of history, so current, but of which so little it is told in Italy. Beautiful choice of photos"


"Extraordinary, engaging"


"Incredible testimony of a terribly unique historical moment"


"Beautiful exhibition, like all of them!"


"As usual, all very interesting"


"A very beautiful series of illuminating photographs"


"Beautiful exhibition, with a theme unfortunately known, that of apartheid. Congratulations for the preparation"


"Interesting and exciting. Thanks"


"Very interesting show, which fills the many holes in my school education"


An astonishing exhibition full of insights into the daily life of unjustly discriminated people. In addition to enriching my culture with regard to segregation, this exhibition was really useful for my thesis of last year of middle school"


"Thank you for your time, for reminding us of what was before us through images of true stories that we hope will no longer be repeated. Kisses from Novara"


"Very exciting and moving exhibition, it reflects the climate of tension, but also of courage and conquest, of those years that marked the history of the world"


"Beautiful exhibition, exciting, moving, necessary to remember. Thank you"


"As always, the exhibition is very interesting, with images and information it highlights unknown aspects of important events that should never be forgotten"


"A window on a historical cross-section not yet adequately developed, in particular by us, in Italy. A precious repertoire also from the linguistic point of view"


"In spite of everything, I also have a dream. Thanks for remembering it"


"Let's not lose sight of the dream. Never"



"Finally words that do justice to so many useless deaths. Well done!"


"Beautiful miscellany which reconstructs such important years and events. I come away full of ideas and with a great desire to explore the themes discovered. Thanks"


"Extraordinary photos, courageous comments regarding the facts. Purges, gulags, mass deportations, persecution of minorities, political trials are not opinions or propaganda of the right-wing, but incontrovertable facts . Total applause"


"Thank you, many photos express the terrible and overwhelming force of ideology. A good example of how to tell the story also through people's faces"


"I thank you for the exhibition, the first of its kind that I have ever had the opportunity to visit. A precious attempt to pierce the deafening silence still looming over the Russian affair. With gratitude"


"History is the history of men and men have the duty to know what they themselves have done, for better or for worse, so that we can come to recognize their own identity and dignity as free men. I think this is the value of this exhibition!"


"Congratulations, a very accurate and thorough exhibition, with really significant images"


"Interesting historical excursus. The first of many exhibitions in La Casa di Vetro"


"Always interesting"


"The umpteenth confirmation that the image is more important and effective than the word"


"A complete and non-trivial account of a period of history"


"Images and captions for an enlightening whole! Really very interesting"


"Historia magistra vitae!? The photo, seizing a real moment, allows today to get closer to a distant past. The importance of remembering, thanks again!"


"Thank you for the photographic (and historical) excursus in the first half of the history of the Soviet Union. Congratulations above all for the quality of the images"


"Very interesting, fortunately I came back"


"Very interesting exhibition, well explained. Well done!"


"A true journey through time ... exciting and wonderful"


"As always, the exhibitions curated by Alessandro Perna and set up at CASA DI VETRO are a success! Interesting, and visually little known, historical period". Certainly of historical interest. Worth a visit"


"Also in this exhibition the Casa di Vetro stands out for the beautiful choice of images and for the effective mounting. Well done !!!"


"Congratulations. Beautiful exhibition. You have touched on an unknown topic. The accompanying booklet is excellent: a real little story book"


"Beautiful as always all your exhibitions"


"Beautiful photos and very interesting comments on captions. Congratulations!"


"Very interesting, really. How many things you learn!"


"Very beautiful and really well documented (exceptional brochure!) Congratulations"


"Very well done exhibitions, but what human horrors you can perceive behind photographs that seem «normal»! 


"Beautiful as always!"


"What can I say? You are FANTASTIC! As always. Only at your gallery you can see these exhibitions. Congratulations!"


"Really a nice surprise !! Congratulations! No pasaran!"


"Great job ... there is always something to learn and above all  ... not to forget!"


"Also this exhibition is beautiful and interesting. Keep it up!"


"Seen the day before the Liberation is even more effective. NO PASARAN"


"Extraordinary historical testimony and beautiful images"


"Always a photographic exhibition interesting both from a technical and historical point of view"


"Pain and arrogance appear and emerge from the photos. Moving"


"A plunge into history, a story that is less told and known, a story of wars that always leaves you with a thousand questions. Your work for the preparation and the research is simply laudable! Congratulations"


"Thank you for the opportunity you offered us"


"Very interesting and touching show. The story should not be forgotten. Never"


"I knew I was passionate about photography but not yet about the history of photography. A combination that opens the eyes on lesser-known events and gives them a shape, a face, a flavor. Congratulations on the initiative"


"Very beautiful show! It traces very well the events and photographically summarizes the highlights of that conflict. Among the most beautiful exhibitions this year in Milan! Congratulations"


"Beautiful photographs! Even the authors of unknown photos demonstrate amazing abilities"


"Congratulations on your passion"


"As always very interesting"


"Congratulations! See you next time"


"Very well done, pleasant and complex"


"I subscribe convinced. Thanks!"


"Photographs that make history, are History, with a capital S, but they are also History of Photography. Very beautiful exhibition!"


"Thank you for the opportunity to see these very beautiful photos"


"Very beautiful show, too bad not to have known you before!"


"Wonderful show! I'll come back and see her again and spread the word"


"A beautiful exhibition, which also makes us young people (class '86) know a reality that is not too far from us"


"Congratulations on your research and thank you for discovering photos of incredible historical value"


"Very satisfied and embittered by the atrocity of the war. Congratulations"


"It gives me goose bumps. Thank you"


"Thanks for keeping the memory alive"


"Sometimes history books are not enough. A look through the eyes of a photographer is enough to tell more than dozens of pages. Beautiful and instructive"


"Congratulations, first prize of the Photofestival"


"Very beautiful! Thank you for always giving us such beautiful exhibitions"


"An episode of WWII that serves as a reminder of our freedom, well documented and presented photographs of the battles in the Pacific"


"Congratulations again for the beautiful exhibits that you propose to us. This one, particularly, so touching, is of real value for all men. Thanks!"


"Beautiful exhibition, it gives back the drama of those moments (even if it seems that many people are not aware of it anymore ...). Bravo!!!"


"Really impressive, very beautiful ... You really relive those atmospheres. Good for not losing the memory of those days. Immense, very good !!!"


"As always a photographic / historical repertoire of great interest. Congratulations!"


"Very interesting. The captions also enrich the information a lot"


"Congratulations (as usual)"


"Great setting. Captions are particularly good. Very good and thanks"


"A splendid exhibition, even if all those lost lives make us think a lot"


"Very moving. Thanks for the emotions!"


"Great show! Thank you"


"Very interesting show that reveals a great job of research at multiple levels"


"Congratulations on the choice of the theme of the exhibition and of the very suggestive photos"


"As always it happens, I go out satisfied"


"A historical glimpse, a look at what was the most impressive period in the world. Beautiful everything and excellent choice of photos"


"Congratulations ... I have no other words!"


"Exceptional and unpublished photos. Pure emotion. I would be grateful if you would like to keep me updated on your initiatives"


"Very, very, very beautiful! Exciting! Interesting double captioning system, I learned a lot of things I didn't know"


"As always, a very rich, interesting, documented exhibition. We see next time, hopefully"


"Congratulations for the excellent photographic choice and for the informative details. Review to spread to young people to safeguard their future"


"Really impressive! More than congratulations: extraordinary photographic operation but also historical. Again good work and see you soon"


"A very beautiful history and photography lesson for everyone as well as the enthusiasts. Congratulations and thank you!"


"Terrible and fascinating. Thank you"


"Only by keeping alive the tragic memory of the past we hope not to have to repeat the mistakes ever again. Thanks for your great work"


"Very stimulating and exciting photographs that thanks to their characteristic of eliminating the time spent immediately bring us back to that past context. The only way not to forget! This type of exhibition should always be systematically open. Really great job "


"Always interesting"


"As always, the exhibition is of the highest level, congratulations!"


"An exhibition to know ... the beauty that makes us learn. Thank you"


"Very, very interesting show that treats a moment of our recent history very often little studied. Congratulations"


"Complete exhibition. The photographs express every single emotion, from fear, to sadness, to melancholy. Equally beautiful is the initiative to give voice to unknown artists through the publication of their photos. Really very beautiful"


"Many congratulations to the organizers of this exhibition of great historical value. It's to underline the fact that this topic in Italy has never been very deepened"


"Touching and exciting"


"Very interesting, especially for the unpublished photos. I would say that it really excites the visitor"


"With so many sincere thanks for the splendid collection and historical-photographic exhibition"


"Every exhibition is an emotion. Thanks"


"Congratulations on the photographic and historical work of the highest level. If only there were more often exhibitions like this!!"


"Beautiful show and photos that really project you into history. Thank you"


"When photography becomes a document it is a masterpiece. Congratulations"


"Exceptional photo collection ... that makes history starting from History! Congratulations to the curator of the exhibition who, with a refined choice of photographs (some, I think, also rare), brings back to the memory of us all the often little known American Civil War. Thanks!"


"It honors the Photofestival"


"Thanks to the organizers"


"Interesting. It offers a lot of food for thought. The strength of photography as a testimony! We will try to involve our teachers. See you soon"


"Another very beautiful show. Congratulations!!!"


"Congratulations, do it again!"


"Thanks for the show, really unique!"


"Congratulations, I didn't know you even living two steps away: what did I miss so far?!"


"Interesting as History in general and as History of Photography"


"Always interesting your exhibitions. Congratulations and thanks"


"Very interesting. I aprecieted the exhibit very much"


"Thank you for your always interesting exhibitions. Keep it up"


"As always, the show is beautiful and impeccably set up"


"Great! Congratulations! Only at your gallery one can see these pictures!"


"The show is worth all the miles we've done to come here ... CONGRATULATIONS!"


"Congratulations on the exhibition. As a fan of American history I was able to analyze the context of the Civil War from a different perspective. It was worth it"


"Along the lines of an Epochal War still a crescendo of intense emotions. So what else can I add to what was written previously? Keep it up (again congratulations to Federica for everything ... and more)"


"My second photographic exhibition at "la Casa di Vetro"! Beautiful and well documented. Congratulations!!!"


"Keep it up. Food for the soul"


"Great show!"


"W la liberté, w "la Casa di Vetro". Congratulations on the rich documentation and the care of the captions. Well done! See you next time"


"Congratulations on your research and the wonderful initiatives you have organized (and will organize in the future). A splendid discovery of a warm May afternoon. Thank you"


"Congratulations to the entire work group of this exhibition. We have learned a lot"


"After the exhibition on the First World War, it was worth getting from Sanremo for this. I renew my mail for the next" breath of history. Thanks for the invitation, thanks for the show!


"It is good that someone reminds us of how things went"


"Beautiful and instructive, so many should see it! The images are always worth more than words. Thanks!"


"A heartfelt thanks and admiration for what you have done"


"We hope that the historical and human value of this exhibition can be appreciated by as many people as possible. The memory must be renewed every day also through emotions, and therefore by photography!"


"Wonderful, definitely see you soon!"


"Once again a beautiful and interesting exhibition. Keep it up"


"Thanks also for this other splendid exposition of a piece of our history whose memory is easily lost"


"Still a very good idea! Accurate, orderly and well organized, some photos are really precious"


"Excellent documentation of images and news. Some photos are really significant"


"FANTASTIC, it seems to enter the history and emotions of those moments of redemption from the ferocity and brutality of Nazi totalitarianism"


"Congratulations on your excellent work! Also on this occasion I really appreciated the large number of unpublished photos"


"A great job to bring to schools"


"Thank you for adding more elements to the knowledge"


"As usual very interesting"


"Very interesting and" educational "! Also great for students who are not able to consider History, even recent one, as something real. With some really beautiful photos!"


"A very accurate, interesting show, from which an authentic enthusiasm and respect for the sensibilities of others transpires"


"Very interesting exhibit, it makes us reflect a lot and makes us understand how heavy the Nazi occupation must have been. There should be more often exhibitions of this kind and we should encourage young people to come and see them!"


"Interesting and moving photos"



"Documentation difficult to see in normal texts"


"Precious and impressive, these photos are a fundamental piece of history! Thanks and good work"


"Congratulations on the selection of photos ... wonderful!"


"Very interesting for the quality of the images and for the enclosed historical information that allows to understand the unfolding of the war on the various fronts. To note the informations of the historical facts linked to the war that took place in the colonial and Middle Eastern territories, not always remembered by the official historiography, but of strategic value in the war itself "


"Congratulations, a great opportunity to reflect. Honor to the fallen, always"


"Beautiful! Congratulations, very suggestive!"


"Very beautiful. The chosen photos are very artistic. Well done!"


"History always has a great charm! Very beautiful!"


"Very interesting photos, and also the comments with precise historical and technical details"


"Remarkable, thanks!"


"A sensational exhibition, both from a historical and photographic point of view. Thanks!"


"An exciting dive. Thank you"


"The bomb says:" Hungary and Bulgaria, share this ration! "Congratulations for the exhibition"


"Congratulations ... involve schools, young people must know"


"A «photographic pearl» at 100 from the Conflict. Definitely not to be missed!"


"An exhibition that deserves the visit of today's youth to understand and experience, through  truly exciting images, the drama of wars, not only of the First World War but of all the useless sacrifices that millions of young people have had to face. Heartfelt congratulations!"


"Unpublished photos and very beautiful and well described. A great job of the curator of the exhibition"


"Very interesting and well explained. Some photos are exceptional documents. Too bad the authors are unknown"


"A very moving and touching exhibition. Heartfelt thanks to those who organized it"


"A really interesting image search. Thanks for your precious exhibition"


"It would be very interesting to open it to schoolchildren! Very precise and orderly. Congratulations to all of you"


"If we remembered wars, we would do them so much less"


"This exhibition is simply unique, it gave me a lot"


"Very beautiful and rare exhibition, more should be done to remember the greatest errors of Humanity"


"Truly incredible and unmissable documents. Good and thanks"


"Congratulations ... it's a fascinating and touching exhibition. Greetings from Ascoli Piceno"


"Thank you! Unmissable! Please tell us your upcoming exhibitions. Thanks again"


"A beautiful and interesting display of images unknown to the general public and for this reason worthy of being seen. A huge thank you to those who thought and wanted this exhibition. With the hope of a remarkable success"


"Congratulations, beautiful show! Very much appreciated the full-bodied captions: useful and comprehensive"


"Very beautiful images, I had never seen such photos about the First War. Perfect, clear and comprehensive captions: very good!"


"Interesting and terrible"


"Thank you! I still learned new things about the First World War. Things to meditate on"


"Particular photos in the midst of some very famous ones. Accurate research for the texts of the captions. Great work. Bravissimi"


"Exciting, as well as interesting. Congratulations"


"Thanks for the effort to keep the culture alive in this forgetful country. Congratulations from Rome"


"Congratulations on the well curated and interesting exhibition, which does not dwell only on the superficial and most well-known aspects. By the catalogs of the previous exhibitions I see that the quality is always high! I will certainly be present at the next!"


"Really congratulations, an exhibition to say the least wonderful. We will be there for the next ones"


"Excellent research and exhibition work. Exhaustive explanations in relation to the informative objective. Interesting historical links, many of which have originated, all or in part, today's situations. Very beautiful, although tragic, images, very suggestive!"


"As always, the material on display is accurate and vast. Even some aspects of the War that are little known are highlighted and described very well. Congratulations"


"Rather interesting show, an invitation to continue"


"Congratulations on the idea of making the public aware of what happened. Thank you"


"A generation that ignores history has no past... or future"



"Images of other times but always very current. Congratulations on the Beautiful Collection"


"Last January I returned from my third trip to India. It was exciting to make the comparison between today's reality and that of a century ago. Very beautiful show, congratulations!"


"The exotic, the cultural diversity, a geographical distance that looks like another planet. Features that generate charm. If you add the expert eye of someone who knows how to capture this charm and bring it back with expressive intensity, then the game is done! Very intense show ! PS: let us not omit the sympathy of hospitality! "


"Really beautiful! Recreates the vanished atmosphere of an era"


"It's like going back 100 years and reliving already proven but very current emotions"


"I discovered a magical place!"


"Wonderful job, I want to go to India! Thanks!"


"These images have evoked  still so vivid memories ... memories of places, of people, of smells ... Thanks!"


"We would like to come back soon!"


"A suggestive journey through time. Thank you"


"Exceptional historical exhibition. Mythical images!"




"Very interesting pictures which make to think!"


"Congratulations, wonderful show, finally these photos have come back to life!"


"I find  very brilliant Carl Simon's idea of sharing the world with those who could not travel. It is difficult to imagine what it could represent for the people who witnessed such a spectacle then"


"Very beautiful photos. Congratulations on the exhibition"


"Congratulations, they are beautiful images that evoke a world far away from that of today, everything is more true, more poetic and more vital ... we reflect ourselves very much in the spirit of the exhibition !!!"


"Beautiful show! Finally something for which it is worth going out of the house! And the curator is very good!"


"Thank you!!! We think it's a thing of the past ... something old. But, it turns out that the slogans of these wonderful women are tremendously current, indeed, perhaps a little ahead for our times. It is moving and makes you think and think and think! Well done! "


"I congratulate you on the unmistakable Art, which reflects depth, professionalism, purity of mind and wisdom plus knowledge. Best and heartfelt wishes"


"Thank you! It is nice to know that we can go back to the past, to move on, then, to a future"


"Splendid show, very beautiful photos, images that make you breathe a unique atmosphere. Thanks, this is a great gift"


"An exhibition to be shown to everyone!!! A very beautiful show, thank you!"


"A very beautiful show, to take to the Schools! Thank you, I am moved"


"The most comprehensive exhibition on this historic event!"